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Our values, goals & missions



Humanity – Humanity is what we are all about. At Human Resources Business Vietnam we love the work we do, listen and treat your organizational human matters as decent and well-deserved human priorities to meet and satisfy. We place humanity on top of our decision making principle.

Authenticity – We base ourselves on real time data, practices and insights on global, regional and national labour and talent market. Human Resources Business Vietnam bring about the best possible evidence-based human resources solutions and services to your organizational matters.

Professional Excellence – We are a team of best in the field business leaders and human resource professionals. At Human Resources Business Vietnam, we wholeheartedly devote to our work, learn and strive everyday to come up with the human resource solutions and services that meet the strategic needs of organizations in Vietnam.

Value Co-creation – We listen and discuss your organizational human needs deliberately. Human Resources Business Vietnam and you co-create human resource solutions and services that yield the highest return on investment in the human resources programs you engage with us.

Community – We take an all-viewed approach to our human resource solutions and services.  Human Resources Business Vietnam offer complementary career advisory support to talents, leaders, business communities and those in need across career phases and ages in Vietnam.

Identity – We promote your organization’s identity. Human Resources Business Vietnam don’t impose our thoughts and solutions but help cultivate your strengths and nurture your identity for you to be the choice and pride of your customers, employees, investors, partners and all involved or be a part of.


To become the Trusted Strategic Human Resource Business Partner of organizations in Vietnam.


We work to earn our trust. Human Resources Business Vietnam partner, co-create and execute optimized human resource solutions and services to help organizations capitalize on core capabilities and uniqueness to  achieve the highest business performance and satisfaction possible for your customers, employees, investors and partners.

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